A Poetic Tribute to the Man of my life

You Live On In Me

A Poetic Tribute to my father, a fighter if there ever was one. Beneath the cold, strict disciplinarian and hot tempered exterior belies a tender heart that overflows with love and care for his family.

By Ah Keat @ Philipp, proud son of Gan Ee Kok

Somewhere in my dreams last night
There you stood, with me as a child
You cuddled me, kissed me, holding me tight
Tears fall, as you bid your child goodbye

Somewhere in my dreams last night
There you sat on the swing, by my side as a child
We talked like we’ve never before, our hands clasped tight
You say to me, Papa had to go where you cannot follow
Be a big boy now, he says and take care of mama
And know that you must be good to all your fellows

Somewhere in my dreams last night
There we walked, side by side, to journey’s end
I say to you
“With me you have always been, guiding me by
Since the first breath I took
And now I have to go on alone
But for love, I need not look
Need not worry, need not despair

Cause what you bestowed upon me
In all our days together
In our lives together
Will last in my heart
Forever and ever

Although you’ve left
And now walk above
Alone I may be, yet feel not
Cause I’m wrapped in the memories of your love

It’s said to be that angels
Are sent from above
I’ve always had my angel
Never did I realised that it’d be
My father – the man who has now gone

Wherever the ocean meets the sky
There will be memories of you and I
When I look up at that sky so blue
All I see are visions of you

“While there’s a heart in me, you’ll be a part of me.”

So, enjoy now your long waited reward
Be at peace, Papa
Know that your love continues on
What was taught to me, will be taught to mine
Cause you live on in me even after you’ve gone

Daddy, I know you are in heaven now. I am, and will always be your son. I love you and I am proud to have you as my father for 23 years of my life. You’ve rescued me from a terrible life had you not chosen to take me in and accept me as your child, your one and only son.

I will not let you down, Papa. I love you always and I know, we will meet again in Heaven some day!


  1. I’m blessed at least half as you were by this effort. I’m glad for your freedom. All the best climbing back up the mountain of joy from this valley of grief.

  2. I am blessed at least half as you must have been by this. Am glad for your freedom, buddy. Now may your sojourn past the valley grief to the mountains of joy be brief and meaningful. God bless you and your family.

  3. I weeped after reading this. Well done friend.

  4. Thanks, Lesbianharlequin. I appreciate that you could feel it as I felt when I wrote this on the day after my father died. I read it out at the wake service, I went home crying in my bed.

  5. How can I not cry? It was a heartfelt piece of work that could melt the heart of an iceberg.

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