An Uncle Again… and a fresh perspective on my parents

Yet another good news to liven and lighten the mood in our family.

My third sister has given birth to her 2nd child, a healthy, cherubic baby boy. Name not known at this time but I’ll be sure to put it up here once I know. She’s currently doing well in Perth.

I am really happy to be an Uncle once more. I can’t wait to have children of my own some time in the future, but until the right one comes along, I’m more than happy enough to be an Uncle to my nephews and nieces. They are all so adorable and good-looking kids. Well behaved and well-mannered too. My sisters are such good mothers! Hope to have a wife like them and most of all, someone like my mother.

I have not know how deeply my mother loved my father until recently. Despite the hardship she is going through, she is always standing by her man, never letting go and always treating him with the same respect and honour that she gives to every one. The care and love that my mother showed to my dad in caring for him is so incredible that I am shamed to admit that I had loathed my father. But that’s another story which I will not share here. May be next time.

I now look at my parents from a whole different perspective. They certainly remind of the elderly couple in Yasmin Ahmad’s Rabun. Her story of two loving, elderly Malay couple nearly mirrors that of my mom and dad. And for that, I now have much respect and honour for both my parents. My mom for her loyalty and devotion. And my dad for his integrity and honesty.

A son like me could not have asked for better parents than these.


And to my sis, hope you could send us pics of the new born soon!! ^_^


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