Straight A’s for the 2nd time

In what has been a dark, tempestous week for me, it was certainly encouraging to know that I have managed to achieve straight A’s in my 2nd semester final exams, a repeat performance of my first semester result. So, that means I managed to stay on the Dean’s list, with a CGPA of 3.94.

Okay… so I felt a bit modest in saying it. Guess ‘encouraging’ doesn’t quite sum up my feeling.


To be honest, I had spent the whole of the holidays in a bit of a worried mood because I wondered how I had fared in the exams. I was worried that I didn’t write or answered well to some of the questions in the exams. So, I wasn’t exactly expecting to achieve straight A’s this time round but when I found out I did, an overwhelming sense of relief and joy came over me, erasing the pain and exhaustion I had felt over my dad’s debilitating stroke. I hope my result would at least cheered him up a bit and it certainly did a bit caused he smiled at me.

With my dad in the condition that he is now in, i resolve to put in more effort in my studies and in my work so as not to disappoint and worry him. All I ask for him is to quickly recuperate so that we can bring him home with us in a few months time.

So here’s to hoping for more good news and fresh beginnings to put a terrible start behind me.


  1. You were having exams and didn’t tell me????


  2. I didn’t? Gee, I thought I did…
    The exam was one reason why I failed in my NaNo 2005. Exam had started Dec 8 and if I had concentrated on NaNo… I wouldn’t have passed with flying colours now would I?

    It’s a new newphew. 🙂

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