My Father had a Stroke

Hence, the lack of any updates in this past week as I have tending to my distraught mother and trying to keep my house in order.

Dad fell from his chair last Thursday in the dining room to pick up his medicine that fell on the floor and as a result, he had a concussion, which triggered the stroke. Docs at the hospital checked and confirmed that dad had suffered a mild stroke, with a little bleeding in his brain. As such, half his body is now paralysed on the right side.

So much had happened at such a short time. It’s quite simply the worst ever start of a new year that I had ever had, 2nd being last year with the Asian Tsunami.

At present, he is recuperating in a nursing home, which everyone felt that it is the best solution for him and for us. There is no way my mother and I can cope with him. It is best to leave the caring and the recuperation process to the professionals. There is nothing much my mother and I can do anyways. My mom is no Xena, Warrior Princess and I have to work. The family now survives on my income and there’s no way I can stay at home just to care for him.

I just like to take this time to thank everyone who has shown compassion and support to me and my family in our times of trouble. You are all truly wonderful people and we are eternally grateful for all your prayers and support.

Thank you all from the depths of my grateful heart. I love you all.



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