Resolutely Intent on Fulfilling Resolutions v.2006

Right, so it’s that time of the year again. Before I go on, allow me the courtesy of wishing you all yet another exciting New Year.

Oh, joy!

So, what’s the fun in celebrating the ‘momentous’ event that is the earth completing it’s full orbit around the sun? That is all there is to it. It is only us ingenious humans dating back to the Ancient Roman times that came up with the novel idea of celebrating the passage of another year with feasts and exchanging of gifts. Back then, the Ancient Roman calendar only had 10 months and the New Year was celebrated on the 1st of March. From the Middle Ages, different countries in Europe and the world follow different calendars, therefore, for the different cultures around the world, there were many, many New Year’s Day… depending on which culture you belong to. Fascinating isn’t it?

Well, I’m not going to go into a long, boring lecture about the history and origins of the New Year. That’s not the purpose on this entry. It is however, about that little tradition that comes with the New Year… the time when we resolve to make resolutions on what we want to see happen and what we want to do in the coming new year.

Yes, New’s Year’s resolutions!!! The tiresome, needless tradition of drafting up and making up dreams, wishes, ambitions and hopes of what we will resolutely try to achieve. For the majority of us, it’ll usually end in tears and failures as we forgot all about it come February. Of course, there are those whom I will bow to for really sticking to their princinples and their resolute spirit in fulfilling their New Year Resolutions. I take my hat off to you monsters.

As much as I want to resist the temptation for coming up with a dreary piece detailing my hopes and ambitions for the year, let’s just say I’m just a weak, normal mortal. With everyone drafting their resolutions and commiting them to memory, my resistance weakens and I am finally swayed into making a few teeny resolutions for myself. Whether or not I will see them through, is another matter altogether.

And so, my dear readers, the following are what I hope to resolutely achieve:

1. Most of all, holding down a permanent job for safety and security purposes instead of freelancing.

2. Come 31 December 2006, I hope that I am at least RM8,000 or so richer in my bank account. To date, it’s a measly sum of RM2,700.

3. No promises but i resolutely and am determined (for now) to reply and write emails to friends and family more frequently and not lag behind and keeping everyone in the dark as to what is happening to me.

4. No guarantee as well but I do hope to suffer less mood swings and emotional breakdowns this year, unlike in 2005. I hope to be made of more sterner stuff mentally and emotionally.

5. Of course, this is fairly typical of everybody’s resolutions – exercise more often and keep a healthy, fit lifestyle with minimal intake of fatty, heaty, oily foods.

6. And last, but not the least… be a more exuberant, cheerful and chatty with my friends. Learn to relax a little and smile always. I’ve always had this kinda serious demeanour that seems to indicate I am a prideful and sullen person (according to my aunt) which usually throws people off from making contact with me. Well, that’s gonna change.

Well, there you have it. Six easy, achievable resolutions. Wish me luck and by the grace of God, I hope to see at least three of these met come 31 December 2006. So, til then, look forward to more entries on this blog for the whole of this year. Thanks for taking the time to follow me through since Feb 2005. I hope to be this blog more interesting and exciting as possible.

Take care all and have a nice day!


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