My Year in Reflection

Hey ho, 2005 zooms by and 2006 is about to creep up on all of us in less than 48 hours.Looking back, this year has been so full of ups and down that I am just glad to see the back of it. Full of regrets, yeah but I ain’t about to quit. If you’ve been following my life since the start of this blog, you’ll know what hell it has been this whole year. So many changes.

So here’s the highlights of a year that I would rather not look back yet, except for the few lights that brought hope in an otherwise bleak, dark and moody year:

Quiting my Teacher’s Post

This has to be the one huge significance that really sparked off an upheavel in my life. April of 2005 was the end of my contract at the international school I taught for the past 1 1/2 years. Mind you, I didn’t want to go willingly but alas, I knew I had to go… considering how the management of the school is becoming worse and worse. I am thankful that I got out of that terrible school as a dastardly person – a person who was a pathetic excuse for a human being and who probably slept her way into the position – was appointed as principal. I pity the teachers and students who had to suffer under her bigoted authority. I sincerely won’t recommend anyone overseas to go to this idiotic school. There are much better schools than this one, seriously. No point wasting cash on your kids education in this money-minded, dumb school.

Embarking on a new future career

I must admit that I did have second thoughts about pursuing my 2nd degree in Counselling in Education. The choices were pretty vast and I had no idea what I wanted. You can say I was on the crossroads all over again and without a clue as to which path to go. It’s all up to fate and to God to lead me where He wants me to go. After much thought and consideration, my mind has made up that I will definitely continue my education. So, with my head held high, I began my quest for more knowledge and skills that I hope would one day help me to help others.

Dad’s sickness getting worse

It has come to a point that 2005 is a year my father would rather forget. Blighted and plagued with ill health again and again… culminating in his Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Went through a minor surgery. His condition is not looking to improve in the next year. Its a matter of time before he goes away for good. I have come to accept the fact that I might not have time to spend with my dad. All i can do now is to help him get through one day after another and allevate his suffering a little less. It’s all I can do now as my dad’s only son…

A New Window of Opportunity

I sincerely did not expect it. I was ecstatic the moment the fact sank in. That I managed to win myself a contributing writer’s job for a magazine! It was a breath of fresh air for me. It most certainly was! I am enjoying myself writing for FACES magazine. I am so thankful and grateful to God for this talent in the written word. I hope I can build a side career in writing, not just for the magazine but also for other media as well.

New Home, New Start… is it really?

The big move. My new condominium at Kelana Mahkota had finally completed its construction and obtained the certificate of fitness. My parents and I began to start moving from our old house at Taman SEA to the new place. Brilliant looking place. But sadly, a new start it was not going to be. Barely three months after moving in, disaster (more like nighmare actually) struck. A girl drowned in the condo’s pool. Shit happens, yeah but I was crushed that it happened at where I am staying. I just couldn’t believe it. That incident has really taken a bit of the joy of staying in the condo. Nevertheless, I’m not gonna let one tiny incident blight my time in this place. The condo is, after all, under my name and my sister’s name but I am the primary owner. No way in hell am I gonna look for another place in a long time.


Well, five major highlights in my 22 years of life. As I look forward to beginning my 23rd year in this temporal, earthly body, I cross my fingers and sincerely pray that 2006 will be the year I see a significant turnaround in my fortunes.After all, my 23 year coincides with the Year of the Dog, of which I was born on. As dog’s are man’s best friend, here’s to hoping that I have a good… no… a GREAT year ahead!! 


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