I am beginning to be really annoyed by the STUPID Americans…

And perhaps the biggest, and STUPIDEST American of them all is none other than the daft, Texas horn dog that they call ‘president’ – Mr George W “I’m a Hero” Bush, who is anything but a hero. He’s a war-mongerer. He’s a liar. He’s usurping, money minded freakazoid. He’s a self-righteous baboon who gives Christians everywhere a bad name! What good has this clownish “president” done to the countries he so-called “liberated”?? If he ever step foot on Malaysian soil, I have a bucket load of shit and piss to flung at him and his assistants!

Heck, I think the Americans are not doing anything to save the reputation of Christianity with their stupid shennanigans. I mean, how stupid can you be when you decide to ban Christmas plays and Christmas carols and the Nativity from schools?? And instead of “Christmas” trees… you get Holiday trees. And instead of “Merry “Christmas” – its better to say Happy Holidays lest someone from the other religions get offended!

Talk about going all out to appease everyone! Can someone scream “STUPID” loudly at them??

I really have nothing against Americans. I’m in no way anti-American. But I am anti-stupid Americans. See, there’s a difference! And of course, like the millions of people out there in the world… I am downright anti-Bush! If he can’t even sort his twin daughters out, how the hell do you think he’s gonna sort the whole world out?? The Americans who re-elected him has got to be the dumbest, stupidest Americans on the whole freaking damn planet!!!

So what got me ranting about stupid Americans and their stupid mascot (Bush, who else??). The war. Their stance on the issue of Kyoto Protocol – the fact that they call global warming a myth just riles me up! The fact that the world had to put up with this idiot for another three to four years. And the fact that he admitted to spying on people’s private lives. The fact that he’s appointing himself savior and commander of the world. The list is endless…

As the year draws to a close, 2006 is not gonna be any different than this one. I can sooooo tell that another country is gonna be attacked next year. Nope not North Korea. The fact that the new Iranian president’s stupid rants about Israel and the whole thing about Holocaust being a myth and their pretentious argument that their nukes are for generating power is putting it in the target sights of US and Britain. So, it’s safe to say that Iran’s gonna be “liberated” next.

A new year I am so not looking forward to…

So go eat, drink and be merry while you can! Have a Happy Hol… oops… I ain’t gonna be no stupid American… MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! AND LET’S HOPE FOR A BRIGHT NEW YEAR!!


  1. You are, unfortunately, correct in your assessment of the attitudes towards Christmas in the U.S., but it’s been a long time in the making. As far back as the early 1980’s, I recall discussions of removing Christian referrences or abstaining from the use of ‘Christmas’ in greetings, school settings, etc. so as not to offend those of other faiths/creeds; a policy which would come to be known as ‘political correctness’ (an oxymoronic term if ever I saw one, but that’s another rant for another time).

    I, having Christian beliefs, don’t celebrate ‘holidays’, I celebrate Christmas, and as such, wish those around me Merry Christmas..why? Because that’s the time of year it is now. I bear in mind also that Chanukkah begins on the 25th this year, so if I should encounter someone who celebrates it, I will wish them Happy Chanukkah; if they should happen to wish me the same in return, I’m not going to jump down their throats about my Christian observances and accuse them of cultural shortsightedness, I’ll simply thank them, and accept their blessing in the spirit with which it was intended, and hoping if the situation was reversed, they will do the same.

    So, Philip, I hope you will have a Merry Christmas and continued prosperity in the new year!

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