The New Harry Potter Movie: Should I be glad or should I despair?

That was the question I asked myself as I watched the recently released Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I guess to answer the above question, I will have to put myself in the shoes of a manic fan of the book and that of a film critic who adores the film series.

As the former, I would most likely be asking for British director Mike Newell's head for the audacity to cut out Winky the House Elf, Ludo Bagman, Rita Skeeter being unveiled as an Animagus and Hermione's S.P.E.W are all shown the bin. I don't mind him taking out the Dursleys because everytime those idiot Muggles are onscreen, I just have this feeling of smashing the cinema (or TV) screen. They really get to you, those bloody Muggles!

However, thankfully, I tend to lean to the other side of the fence – the film critic who adores the film series, even though I read every single HP book five times already. There's so much to love about the movie – the texture, the pacing, the art, the new actors and characters and the drama and the tension of knowing what's to come are all packaged nicely into 2 and 1/2 hours of cinematic feast.

Travelling via the Portkey looked just as how I imagined, and the Barty Crouch Jr is really excellent! David Tennent fits the bill as the loyal, escaped Death Eater. How he flicks his tongue like a snake was really cool. Brendan Gleeson fared well as Moody and I can't wait to see him again in the fifth part when he plays the good version of Moody. And Miranda Richardson exudes poison and busy-bodiness and embodies the role of Rita Skeeter down to a pat. It was an excellent performance all round by everyone. And how can i forget Ralph Fiennes??? HE'S BLOODY BRILLIANT as Voldemort- to lend a phrase from Ron Weasley.

Harry's certainly maturing really fine. I just can't see anyone else as Harry Potter. Even though he's 16 already and he might not finish film 6 and 7, Daniel Radcliffe was born to play this consummate hero. What else can I say that has not already been said in the press and all the reviews? This movie is certainly a great one but yet, I liked Alfonso Cuaron's Prisoner of Azkaban was much more because it was more stylishly dark and managed to capture the changes thats beginning in the three kids.

No matter, each film has proven to be much better than its predecessor and Goblet of Fire is rightly so. Can't wait to see what David Yates will be serving up for us Pottermaniacs in the Order of Phoenix. Who will play Dolores Umbridge? Will Kreacher be shown?? How does Sirius Black's house look like? Will David Thewlis (god, how I like him as Lupin!) return?? And Luna Lovegood – will she be cut out? And the Thestrals – I am going to enjoy 'seeing' that! Of course, there's Tonks, there's Shacklebolt, Mundungus Fletcher and Ms Figg. Will we get to see Neville's parents in St. Mungo's? How will St. Mungo's look like on film? And the showdown at the Ministry. That's going to be so action packed!

Man, I'm beside myself just waiting for it. Until it's released in 2007, I guess it's back to the books for the sixth time and the movies for the third time! FYI, I've seen Goblet of Fire only twice so far. ^_^ And not to forget all those delicious gossips and rumours over at to keep the fans happy. All power to Harry Potter!

My ratings for this fourth Harry Potter movie ia an acceptable 7/10. 


  1. my rate for HP4 it’s 8,5/10

  2. Why do you like Harry Potter? What is it that made you become a fan of the books/movies? When and how did you become a fan? Share your stories with us!
    Personally, I've been a “Harry Potter” fan for a few years, having first discovered 'Philosopher's Stones' at the tender age of 10. I became a real fanatic
    at 12 when I read 'Prisoner of Azkaban' and have been truly Potty ever since! Now I'm nearly 19 years old and eagerly awaiting/dreading the release of book

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