I’m Speechless… Stunned… Shocked…Infuriated… Just Freaking Damned Pissed OFF!!!

If you think this is another one of my stupid rant about how stupid my life is and all that, before you begin to even roll your eyes and chastise me for my ineptness and stupidity – hear me out for a while cos that not what this is all about.

It’s 9.30am in the morning. I’ve just completed my my morning routine and was just sitting down to enjoy a hearty breakfast of wan tan mee when out of the corner of my eye, I saw today’s newspaper with a big front page pic of a cute little baby smiling at the camera. So I edged closer to the newspaper on the table and read the caption – and that’s what got me all riled up – the baby was a victim of damn irresponsible parents who zipped the baby up in a sports bag and left him for dead in a garbage dump site!!!!!

The shock! The horror! How terrible! God, I wish I could get the necks of the parents around my paws and choked the breath out of them! How could they do this to their own flesh and blood! The baby boy’s umbilical cord was still attached and that says something – the boy was just born and dumped as it is! So unimaginably cruel, heartless and… and… God, I’m out of adjectives to describe this unspeakable act of evil! Reading about it just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth! If it weren’t for two kind hearted souls who happened to stop by the dumping ground, the baby would have lost its precious life! My gratitude goes out to the two men who rescued the baby and did the right thing!

Sadly, this is not the first case recently. For the past couple of months, cases of baby dumping has significantly increased. This month itself, there were three other cases, two on the same day! Oct 8, a baby was found dead after being dumped in a dustbin in a toilet cubicle. Oct 10, a baby suffocated to death in a plastic bag and another was found with a swollen eye and a lot of mosquito and ant bite in a cardboard box! All in all, the newspaper recorded 9 cases of baby dumping this year alone! I cannot begin to describe the vile and evil people that perpetrated these heinous crimes! Even a tiger would not hurt its own cub, what more we humans blessed with the gift of knowing what is right and what is wrong!

This is so sad I just feel like tearing up. How could the mothers of these babies sleep peacefully at night without a single thought for their babies? If you don’t want your babies, don’t dump them! Give it away! Give it up for adoption! Spare the child the penalty of your own fault! I know the mothers could have been underaged or even rape victims and I understand the shame and embarrassment that will result from having an unwanted pregnancy, but the baby is innocent of everything! The baby should be given the right to live!

It is clear that we have learnt nothing at all. Malaysians are still just as clueless in how to solve its social ills. We are still not able to educate our people on the right thing to do. Its a great shame really. A great shame that a society of educated people can act so ruthlessly and heartlessly like this. And this coming after only three days of the passing of Datin Paduka Seri Endon Mahmood, the champion and the epitome of the strength of Malaysian women. How Datin would weep if she was alive and read about these cases of baby dumping.

I’m out of words to say about this issue. One thing is clear, I will not rest on my laurels – I will forge on to ensure that the young generation will not commit this heartless act in the future. I will play my part in instilling moral values in our young and every sensible minded Malaysian ought to be doing the same!


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