Public is at fault of the dengue cases

I would like to comment on the latest outbreak of dengue that is causing much panic among the pubic in several states.

Malaysians have been struck by sporadic dengue outbreaks over the course of the last decade. The nation has gone from strength to strength and yet, we are still not able to prevent such outbreak of diseases. This really says a lot about the effectiveness of the Health Ministry in handling such outbreaks. The Ministry should be more pro-active and vigilant in identifying the causes of the outbreaks and nip it in the bud as soon as possible!

Unfortunately, the Ministry shouldn’t really be faulted entirely as it is the onus of the public to maintain the health, cleanliness and hygiene of our environment. The dengue outbreak happened because we let it happen with our Third World mentality! How often have we seen rubbish strewn all over the place behind alleys, in rivers and drains? Because of the irresponsible acts of some citizens, the rest of the country had to suffer. It is typical for Malaysians to be prodded into doing something when a crisis hits. We should shed this attitude and identify the causes in advance, then take preventive measures to correct the problem.

I appeal to my fellow citizens to please, please be mindful of our nation’s well-being and that of its people! With so many outbreaks of diseases happening around the world, it is time we take up arms and be vigilant against anything that will result in an epidemic in our country! With bird flu within range of our country, it will only be a matter of time before another full-scale epidemic hits our shores. This is but a lull before the storm.


  1. *hamster starts caring sign and marches around city saying: “It’s your own darn fault!! HAHAHA!!!! Stupid people!!”*–>

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