X-Men 3 – Just can’t wait for it!

Looking at the cast for X-Men 3 has got me drooling over another explosive movie! I personally can’t wait to see Jean Grey’s resurrection and who would’ve thought Dr Frasier Crane will end up as another doctor albeit a more scientific one. I’m of course talking about Kelsey Grammer as The Beast! Whether he’ll be blue and furry is anybody’s guess but I’d love to see his acrobatic moves that’s for sure! And what about the Archangel? Who would’ve thought they be bringing him into the movie? And casting Cayden Boyd as Young Warren is just oh so lovely! Definitely can’t wait to see the kid sprouts wings and take to the sky!

Nevertheless, I’m still dismayed by some of the casting choices too… specifically Halle Berry, James Marsden and Anna Paquin. These three, I’m sorry to say, had been pretty much the last two movies’ weakness.

Naturally, griping about the director’s pick will lead to me pondering over alternative casting possibilities. And that’ll be what this post be all about. If I had the power vested within me to overhaul the entire cast…. these will be who I want to see as the comic characters… maybe some day, it’ll come true? Gosh, how I wish the producers and director and the writer for this movie and future movies will look at this and try them out!!! Till then… it’ll always be in my minds eye when I sleep…

Professor X – Ben Kingsley will no doubt be one excellent veteran baldie actor to play him. Not to say that Pat Stewart’s not doing a great job, i mean he embodies the look of Prof X but he still doesn’t have that powerful presence/aura that comes from a world’s most powerful telepath. If you’ve seen Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast you’ll no doubt will agree with me. Plus, his wisdom as Gandhi will be good since Professor X strives for peace among mutants and humans.

Magneto – Nick Nolte… most likely gonna get a bit of flame for this one =b why Nick Nolte? Cause he plays wild and gritty characters with issues well. One think i have doubts about Ian McKellen’s performance (not to say he’s not good, he looks good being evil) is that Magneto’s comes off looking a bit posh. Could be just me of course. Besides, if you true blue fans remember how Magneto first appeared in the first ever X-Men comic, you’ll know he’s this embittered person driven by a sense of revenge against humanity for crimes against mutants, which Magneto sees as a repeat of the extermination of the Jews in WW2. If Nick Nolte can’t be Magneto, there others in the wings waiting to take over. My other choices for this role would be Christopher Plummer, Powers Boothe and Jeremy Irons, although I’m saving Irons for future villain, Mr Sinister. Plummer has the qualities needed for the part and Powers Boothe scares me sometimes with his many slimy evil characters that he has portrayed.

Cyclops – Tough call for this one. I had to ponder over whether I want a ‘pretty boy’ or one who can act, unlike stiff wood Marsden. Heh… but I do thank the heaven they didnt pick that Affleck guy for this part! I have two choices for this role… Matt Damon is one and Brendan Fraser is another. Someone mentioned him to and I do like Fraser in the two Mummy movies. And I do think Fraser’s just as good looking and he too has the bod for pulling off Cyclops well. Why Matt Damon, he’s looks I guess. Sometimes when I look at the comic version and compare it with Matt Damon in Bourne Supremacy, and I’d go, cool, Damon should’ve been Cyclops.

Jean Grey – Another tough call as I don’t remember enough fiery headed actresses that can embody this lovely girl. Famke is sooooooooo not Jean Grey. Kirsten Dunst already looked soooooo good in Spiderman as the equally red-headed Mary Jane and I wish Dunst was several years older for her to be perfect as Jean Grey. I definitely want Dunst to be Jean Grey. But that will not happen cause I doubt she’ll be in another comic movie other than Spiderman. People already see her sooooooo much as Mary Jane. So, I’ll put aside my favourite and go with the next best two actress… Julianne Moore and Bridget Moynahan. Either one would be perfect!

Wolverine – I initially didnt want to recast this role because I like Jackman soooo much as Wolverine. But if I must… then I’ll look around and scour for the next best actor to be the tough talking Logan/Wolverine. My actor has to be… ok, I admit it.. it was hard to find a replacement… I don’t think Dougray Scott would fit the bill either even though he was the first choice. This character is in a class of his own and for someone in real-life to be able to have the same wild nature as Wolverine has to be a damn good actor… or he was a hermit living in the wild for ages… Then again…Matthew Fox of TV’s “Lost” might be able to portray Wolvie too. If he can top Jackman’s performance, that is.

Rogue – Anna Paquin is no Southern belle thats for sure! But since I’m not from the States, I don’t any Southern actresses. So, I might actually take the risk and cast a newbie in this role. If I must choose an already established star, then my pick would be Scarlett Johansson. Paquin may have an Oscar as a kid, but she don’t really seem to be able to act much in her later years. I’ll pick Scarlett in the hope she can bring to life Rogue’s tough but vulnerable on the inside and no-nonsense gal. If Scarlett can’t be it… heck I’ll go for Julia Stiles or even Ann Hathaway!

Storm – Hallen Berry should steer clear of ALL comic based movies from now on. Thats my verdict. What disastrous showing Catwoman was and how pathetic she was as Storm who can fly in the comics. The only time I’ve actually seen Storm defying gravity is the scene in the 1st movie where she glides/floats up to lightning blast The Toad sky high. My pick for the motherly and also tough ‘weather witch’ has to be Angela Bassett. No doubts about it. Oprah Winfrey? Errr…. I don’t know… she’ll probably talk a lot of the characters to death if she became Storm. Vivica Fox? Hmmmmm…. a possibility and the lesser known actress Erykah Badu too can be Storm but Bassett is still best.

The Beast/Hank McCoy – Heh, heh, I like this character a lot and to see Robbie Coltrane portraying this scientific genius would be a hoot! He’s already looking very hairy in Harry Potter so why not add a few more bluer hairs and Robbie’s all ready to play the Beast. Only problem here is that Robbie got to take some gymnastic and acrobatic lessons for him to be limber and agile.

Iceman – Initially, I actually thought Ryan Reynolds should’ve been given the part but he’s a little too old to be in a school… Then, I saw Chris Evans and went… he’s the one! Talk about a clash of powers! Hot and cold, no one does it as good as Chris Evans! LOL! But seriously, Chris Evans ought to be given a shot at this role instead of Ashmore, who looks too doleful for the wise-cracking, happy-go-lucky Iceman.

The Archangel – Cayden Boyd is perfect as Young Warren. The blond hair, pretty boy looks. Now, we need an older version who looks more or less like Cayden. Despite the fact of how much I hated Colin Farrell in Alexander, he might be able to portray a rich playboy mutant in X-Men 3. Everything about him looks a bit playboysih to me anyways… unless you want David Beckham the football player! LOL! Yep, Colin Farrell… might be able to pull it off.

Mystique – Looks don’t matter here. After all, the actress gonna get herself paint blue with scales pasted on her latex suit. Plus, i think this role requires less acting skills… I think any actress who has played villains can pull this off. However, to be honest, I think it’ll be kinda need if Angelina Jolie plays Mystique =b Other choices would be Gisele Bundchen from Tim Story’s Taxi.

Pyro – I’d prefer someone manic-looking to play Pyro. I think John Robinson from Lords of Dogtown could do it too! He has everything that makes Pyro a fiery fire loving and fire manipulator arsonist. Or, since Cillian Murphy already did excellent villainous characters in Batman Begins and Red Eye, he’ll be perfect for Pyro… just that he needs to dye his hair blond! =b

Colossus – So far, from the brief glimpse of Daniel Cudmore in X-2, I think he’ll make a nice Colossus, even though he’s Canadian and not Russian. They should’ve tried to be bit more realistic and truthful to the comics, you know what I mean? Sigh! I’ll definitely pick someone Russian, or at least of Balkan origins to portray Colossus. Even if you get someone American, the least the producers could do is throw the actor into a Russian class and get him to learn the slang. No actors I know are tall or bulky enough to be Colossus and I’ve ran out of ideas so I’ll leave it open for now… definitely a newbie for this role.

Juggernaut – I seriously think ex British footballer Vinnie Jones is a serious miscast for Juggernaut, but then again I haven’t seen him act it out yet. He’s a well-known actor of tough and rough guy but he’s not daft… which I feel that Juggernaut is in the comic. Juggernaut has always been the jealous, vengeful and evil half-brother to Prof X and I like someone bulkier and mean looking to be Juggernaut. My casting choice for this character will be a former WWE pro wrestler named Brock Lesnar. Other contenders for the title (pun intended ^_^) are Matt Bloom aka The A-Train/Albert and Bill Goldberg.

Shadowcat – Shadowcat is supposed to be a young teen who has yet to mature but which young teen can play this role? I’ll have to scour the Disney and Nickelodeon channels to look for the right kind of girl that’ll do well for the still young and precocious X-girl who could walk through walls and even human beings. Therefore, I will not look further than Alexa Vega from the Spy Kids movies and Michelle Trachtenberg.

Siryn – The high pitch screaming girl who could also fly is very tough to cast as I can’t think of any young actress who has red hair and Irish to boot. So, I’ll have to leave this as a newbie actress. If she doesnt have to be Irish, I’d go for Alexis Bledel from Gilmore Girls… her audition will be simply whether she can let out a long high pitch scream without damaging her larynx. =b

Hmmm… well I can think of this much in one day. Of course, there’s still Deathstryke, Nightcrawler, Sabretooth and The Toad from the 2nd and 1st movies respectively. It’ll be alright to leave ’em out for now… but I may be back next time to add on a few more words.

Come back for more and do post your thoughts on this cast list.


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