Its been a while…

Hey, there peeps! How’re all of you out there? Same old story huh? Well, lotsa things had happened in my own little world since my last post. Its been almost a month now.

Well, just to recap a few things… attended the Harry Potter book launch and finished off the book in three days (still trying to get over the shocking, painful death in the book), my sister came back from Australia with her family and started an almighty family feud (and I am not talking about the game show!), finished off my 1st term examinations, there had been another couple of attempted bombings over in London, attended two job interviews and wrote a short story. In between all that, I’ve watched a couple of movies, attended my old school’s Honour’s Day, sleep, eat, shop, read two Christian fiction books, play games and basically just hang out.

There you go, a summary of what I’ve been up to for the past month all in a paragraph! ^_^

Well, sayonnara and till my next post…

Chill out!


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