London Blasts!!! Was it a power surge or something more sinister at work??

Earlier today, a series of six explosions rocked the city of London, crippling the famed London Underground rail network. This tragedy occured a day after London was declared the host for Olympics 2012 and while the G8 Summit was underway in Scotland.

The question is: was this a power surge as authorities initially claimed or is it something more sinister, something ruthless? If an incident like this happened about two decades ago, the first thought on every Londoner’s mind would be “the IRA did it!” Of course, how remarkable times have changed. There is no doubt that this is NOT the work of the Irish Repulican Army, who had laid down its arms a few years ago and is working towards a peaceful solution to its problems with England.

If investigations proved that it WAS a terrorist attack, little doubt on anyone’s mind who would be involved. But let’s not be quick to blame it on those poor, wretched mountain dogs that goes by the name of Al-Qaeda. Though they are highly suspect, but there are others who have their own reasons to stage such a despicable act of tyranny upon humanity. But there is no room for doubt about Al-Qaeda’s involvement in this as it was reported by BBC that an Islamist website with Al-Qaeda links had put up a claim that it was responsible.

The G8 summit is due to start in Scotland, and this could have happened because somebody wanted to make a point, but what kind of point are those idiots trying to make that is worth crippling the London Underground and wrecking havoc on the lives of hundreds, if not thousands. But there is no doubt that what the perpetrators had achieved what they had set out to achieve. Major financial stock markets across Europe plummeted drastically, some up to three percent! Could it be a coincidence that one of the agenda for the G8 summit was to discuss the poverty situation in Africa? The losses incurred are high and the impact on British and European economy could be serious and may take a while for it to recover. No doubt England’s neighbours are all quaking in their seats for the next unexpected strike.

But why choose the London Underground, you wonder? If the experts had predicted in the days after 9/11 that London is susceptible to attacks, they should have guessed that London Underground would be a primary target. Up to three to four million users a day! If one plane were able to destroy a tower, imagine what a bomb could do to an underground train station. The emphasis here is UNDERGROUND. No chance of escape. The force of the explosion will rock and resonate more powerfully when enclosed, hence the scale of destruction much more vast. Fortunately, the baddies wasnt obviously thinking about that as from what I have read on the news so far, none of the trains were turned into bombs but could have been planted somewhere in the stations itself.

Yet, despite the scale of destruction – even a double decker bus on the surface was not spared – there has been a suspiciously low count of casualties and fatalities. So far, from what I know on the Internet, there were 90 casualites and 2 fatalities. This is just speculation I believe. There would be more trapped in the trains devastated by the blasts. The most important thing right now is for the rescuers and authorities to get in there and get them out before its too late. Air in the tunnels will not last long after an explosion and there could be dangers of chemical gas leakage. All I could do right now is join the millions of people across the world who are obviously in prayer right now that the destruction was not as bad as I had presumed and the fatalities remained low.

I feel that this is a warning to the Western powers that they are not as strong and powerful as they think they might be. There will always be people one step ahead of even the most feared intelligence agencies in the world. This is just but a taste of what is to come in the future. None of us are safe now. Anywhere where people congregate will be susceptible to attacks. As they always say, prevention is better than the cure. The US opted for the cure after 9/11, which is to launch into a series of war with Afghanistan and Iraq. Britain followed suit to back-up ‘Big Daddy’. What they should have done is ponder over what went wrong, why people would do such a thing and stand back up and start all over for the better. If the USA had done some soul-searching and lessen their arrogance a notch or two, I doubt the farce that is Iraq and Afghanistan today. You cannot fight fire with fire as they always say.

Nevertheless, England ought to have shored up its defences on home soil, knowing that the G8 Summit is going on in Scotland. Of course, no one expected this to happen, especially coming after a night of partying to celebrate victory over Paris for the right to host the 2012 Summer Olympics. That certainly brought everybody’s guard down. No matter what the authorities say,I still think that it is a high possibility that this is indeed a terrorist attack. Six, not one or two but SIX simultaneous explosions at six different locations! Wake up and see the logic! If there’s a power surge, how could it have caused six explosions at six different places?? No, it is something more sinister. And I am damn sure about it! Anything lesser and I’ll say its a cover up!

We are heading for an uneasy future right now. What the days in the future will bring no one knows for sure, but I pray that everyone will not give up hope. We have someone watching over us and we should not fear anything even though we are walking through the valley of death. It will be a while for us to get over this but then again, most of us are still feeling the pain over 9/11. I don’t know whats it is like to lose someone in that kind of tragedy, but I still know what it is like to lose someone. Especially those we love. But I know we have a good God who would never let us down and on that God I entrust my life and future.


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