4 houses in 22 years – A little history about my past and present residences

Hey there everyone and anyone who reads this… ^_^

Reason why i hadnt been able to write anything for the past week was due to my hectic moving house schedule, a back ache which left me temporarily immobile and being a tutor to some of my dear students….

Yep, I’ll be moving out and for those of you who are in the know, moving out is a big event in one’s life. You gotta at least move out once or twice in your entire lfetime… Heh, heh, so far I have moved four times in my entire 22 years of living on this blessed place called Earth.

The first was when I was still a kid… too young to remember the details but my folks decided to one day pack up, sell the house and move all the way down to honey pot Selangor from Penang. Gosh, I still miss penang, especially some of my old friends who probably could not remember me anymore. Plus, never really liked the place we moved into… a cramped apartment in Subang Jaya. Still, we managed to survive there for about three years before my dad got all worked up and started to yell at my mom telling her he wants to move out cos the apartment’s so cramp that it’s like a prison… and so… we moved…

I have been living for ten glorious years in my present semi detached two storey house here in Petaling Jaya. It was a huge house, spacious and cavernous. It was absolutely perfect for us at the time. I had a lot of memories of this house. Some good and some bad of course. I went through Secondary school living in the same house. Unlike when I was in my Primary years when I was living in three different houses. Plus, I think my mom was actually quite confortable in it and had initially didnt want to move. After all, she became quite good friends with some of my neighbours.

So why the sudden move from this great place, with great location, you ask? Well, one major reason which I am quite ashamed to say – ME. Yep, my dear folks decided to move out because of ME. They bought the new condominium for me… so that I wouldnt have a problem getting one of my own property in the future. All they expect in return is to just be loving and appreciate and care for them. I know the one thing they always feared… that I would abandon them and leave them on their own. Sad to say, I did thought about leaving them and go my own way to live in some foreign land or just do my own thing.

You must be thinking how cruel and evil and ungrateful son that I am. I guess so. I had always had an uneasy relationship with my folks. It seems that we are always at each other’s throats… well.. with my dad at least. I love my mom a lot, but she can be a bit unbearing at times too. But, please understand that I know that they do love me deep down and I do love them deep down too. But like many folks from traditional Chinese families, love is never shown emotionally and expressedly. My family’s been through a lot. Its hard for outsiders to understand… but anyways, this is about my moving house.. not about my personal family history. Not comfortable about it being in public domain anyways.

So yea, the condo’s for me. But there’s another reason to it too, I guess. My mom and dad are well into their late 60’s and for them to manage and take care of the house while I am away working most of the time is a bit too much and tough for them. So, the best otion is to move out nd get a smaller place and a condo was what I had always wanted and now I got my wish. I’m a happy and lucky person and I really count my blessings to be in such a good family. So, for you people who know me, if you ever catch me moping and griping about my family, please give me a good hard whack on the head… ^_^

Phil signing out…


  1. I will….with a titanium golf club. ^_^

  2. Except for the times when things get hot under the collar, of course. We’re all human after all…..

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