Grace… such a beautiful word

Good evening to one and all! How did you all do today on this graceful day of the 5th day of the month, on the 5th month of the 5th year of the new millennium? 5.05.05. For those not in the know, the no. 5 is a great significance to Christians cos its a number of ‘grace’. All the more, today is the day that we should all be thankful that we are living in this blessed period of grace.

Don’t know about you, but I think there are no words in the English language more beautiful than the word grace. So what is this grace? What’s so special about it? You should know by now that the grace I am talking about is something more than just mere elegance and smoothness of movement or behaviour. It’s bigger than that… and it holds a deeper, more powerful spiritual meaning.

Grace is the ultimate gift to mankind from God. And it is because of His grace that God sent His Son Jesus to die for all our sins. A selfless act. A GRACIOUS act. All i can say that it is VERY, VERY special. So special not only to me, but it can be special to EVERYONE, even YOU! If you are reading this now, and you think I’m talking rubbish… I just want to let you know that this grace is what is keeping me going. If it weren’t for grace, I would probably have ended up in a mental institution, driven crazy by depression and suicidal/homicidal thoughts. By God’s loving, saving grace, I am set free from this terrible bondage! By His grace, I couldn’t be more alive, more full of joy and love than I could ever have.

So, in this blessed day, I want to share with you, dear readers of my blog, that grace from God is the most beautiful thing to have. He’s not asking for anything in return… all He wants is your devotion and submission to Him. It is your choice… to have a life full of grace… full of love, peace, hope, faith and compassion or choose a life full of enmity, hurt, depression, evil and deceit. Be wise, dear friend! Be very wise indeed!

“Thank you, my Lord Jesus for Thy wonderful grace. Thy loving grace is more than sufficient for me. It was because of Thy grace that had led You to die on the cross to save me from my sins. I thank You, Lord Jesus for saving me and I pray that I would be able to continue to serve You in whatever way that You want me to. Most importantly now, Lord, I pray that You touch the hearts of the people who are reading this, and may they know this wonderful grace that You want them to have so much. Reveal Yourself to them and may their life be changed in ways beyond their own understanding. In Jesus’ blessed name I pray AMEN”


  1. Believe me, I am!! *check my blog to understand*

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